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Luka Bite Table

Luka Bite Table

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Poured Epoxy Top

To develop the Luka Bite Table we teamed up with an experienced law enforcement canine trainer and handler. We took his many years of studying canine behaviors and training canines across the country to perfect our design. 

The Luka Bite Table provides a safe space for handlers to work with their canine partner. Its safety features allow you to secure your dog at two points; the overhead eye bolt and/or the add-on back tie/bungee bar eye bolt.

Whether you use one or both mounting point safety features during a scenario, both mounting points can withstand the force of your dog. The add-on backtie/bungee bar provides a natural pull parallel to the dog's spine.

The Luka Bite Table allows you to control the dog and your decoys more safely than when using a trandtional bite table. It bears boundless opportunities with its many features.

The patent-protected Luka Bite Table is the first convertible bite table of its kind. It includes;
A steel square tubing frame, approximately 6ft long and 6ft tall
3/4" particle board deck wrapped in peel and stick flooring
1/4" plywood base to allow for storage
MDF paneled interior walls and reversible dry erase/chalkboard paneled exterior walls for an all-in-one training experience
Removable bite box to allow ground work for imprinting leg bites
Leveling feet to maintain balance on any floor.
Bungee/ backtie bar offers two physical points of contact

A canine team must have the necessary resources to train a patrol dog efficiently.


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