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Aim Small Miss Small Pillow

Aim Small Miss Small Pillow

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 Made from natural leather. This pillow will encourage and promote powerful drives, strong grips, efficiency and conditioning . Everything about this pillow has a purpose even down to the shape. The thickness of the pillow will prompt an extra wide mouth. The length of the pillow (in which it gets it’s name from) will force your partner to target the bite zone. On the front of the pillow their is a small protrusion on each side. The protrusions act as barriers reducing the possibility of traveling.

It’s ungiving thickness and minimal pliability make it extremely difficult for your partner to grip and hold for an extended period .

This pillow can end your partners pulling and begin your partners bone crushing grips and powerful drives.

With it’s taut exterior and your partners pulling he/she will soon find themselves with an empty mouth. However many sessions it takes for your partner to understand his/her pulling is why their mouth is empty you’ll have the pillow buried into your stomach.

An absolute must for the trainer and or decoy’s tool box.


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